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Second Legendary Footy Fiesta Unlock

Congratulations everyone. Due to everyone’s hard work, we’ve managed to get our planes back to the UK, ready for their most important journey yet. So, as promised, here is the second Legendary Item Unlock


The Solid Gold Football is the most impractical football ever made. Weighing more than any human could ever kick (without breaking their foot), it’s also worth over 9000 credits! There’s only one unlock code left, but it’ll be a real challenge to get it. We need to get at least 12 players to Brazil by the end of today (Monday June 9th).

Remember: These unlock codes will only be released if we manage to achieve the targets before Tuesday, June 10th. If we don’t get 11/12 members to Brazil, we’ll never release the next unlock, which is a FREE PET CODE!

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