The Third Legendary Unlock

Well, we did it! At the last possible minute (more or less). We managed to get 12 players to Brazil, which means we’ve got a full squad over there, ready for the first game of the World Cup! A promise is a promise, so here it is. The first FREE PET we’ve ever released in I am Learning. The Legendary Footy Fiesta Armadillo!

The armadillo sleeps for 16 – 18 hours a day, but you’ll have no time for sleep! Not with all the pet games you should be playing! You’ll have to keep this ‘little armoured one’ happy if you want to win prizes such as credits and rosettes!
Are you anxiously after adopting an amazingly awesome armadillo? It’s out now, in the shop, for FREE! So go get one!

9 thoughts on “The Third Legendary Unlock”

  1. amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! instead of saving up credits for ages and doing extra revision (boring!) now you can get a free one? amaze! ive aleady got one only bad thing you cant change its colour!


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