I am Learning 8!

Check out these great new outfits!
Check out these great new outfits!

It’s been a long time coming, but I am Learning 8 is finally here! With our new friends at FrogPlay, we’ve been working super hard to make I am Learning (and FrogPlay) the best it can be, and I think we did it!

There’s lots of great new features, but here are a few of our favourites! Keep checking back here every couple of days, as we’ll be going into lots of details about the games and everything else! For now, here’s a quick list of things you might want to check out!

  • Four new games!
  • Updated graphics in certain games!
  • Updated game mechanics!
  • More iPad functionality!
  • Loads of new Avatar gear!
  • New achievements for older games!
  • Challenges! Now you can earn achievements outside of the games.
  • Better quiz player. Now your homework should be even quicker and easier to do!

As you can see, to celebrate, we’ve made loads of new items for your Avatar! Use these codes – 37640 and 88888 to unlock them all for free! There’s a few hidden surprises in there (check out the comedy glasses!).

We hope you’ll love the new and improved I am Learning / FrogPlay. If you want any features (games, avatar outfits or anything else) let us know by leaving a comment below!

18 thoughts on “I am Learning 8!”

  1. Like the codes but please could you make it so you get a few credits like 100 when you get the codes and is you do, do that then don’t put so many codes out at once please.



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  2. I have an idea for iamable outfits: superheros and super villains (from Marvel and DC Comics). There can be black widow, carnage, cheetah and superman


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