By now you may have seen our new game: SQUARES! This one looks simple, and it kinda is! You just have to click or tap on the squares as they appear. When you hit one, you’ll get 10 points! BUT… The square will shoot off in a random direction, and also get smaller. Now it’s worth double points, so try and hit it if you can! The smaller the square, the more points you get! Be careful though; If you miss, all the squares will only be worth 10 points again and you’ll have to start your combo from scratch.

  • This game works on iPad!
  • Make sure you get your questions right; You’ll get loads more time!
  • Hint: If a square is moving too fast and you’ll think you’ll miss it, just leave it and go for a bigger one!
  • Hint: The game is actually easier on iPad (at least I think so, and I am top of the leaderboard :P)

5 thoughts on “Squares”

  1. oh i love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …………………………………………………


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