New stuff!

It’s been a while, but new things are starting to appear! Here are the top three changes made this week!

  • NEW GAME: SEA SPIKES – You may have played our ‘Beta’ test of this game over the past few weeks, well now it’s finally here! You gave some great feedback, so thanks everyone. You can be sure that in future, we’ll be launching games right here weeks before they appear in the system, so you can try before you buy!


  • NEW IPAD GAMES! – Now you can play two of our most popular games on the move! Fire up a festival of fun in Firework Frenzy, or take on BRAND NEW challenges in Air Hockey. With new levels, controls, power-ups, achievements and more, you should definitely check them both out!

fireworks airHockey

  • New Technology! With the introduction of Sea Spikes, you can now save your game! Any fish you unlock will ALWAYS be unlocked, so you can get 28 playable characters with no loss of progress! Soon, we could have full RPGs, huge platformers, hundreds of cards in a trading card game. The possibilities really are endless!

We hope you like these new games (and updates). What would you like to see next? More iPad games? A card game with hundreds of collectable cards?!

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