Timey-Wimey Friday!

We’re going a bit wibbly-wobbly today! We’ve released a new set of Time-Travelling Gentleman outfits for the Iamable Avatar today, and it’s about time!

Just enter the code 76642 to get them all, including his two Supersonic Tools! We think you’ll like this one! What would you like to see next week? Leave a comment below and maybe we’ll add it!

EDIT: Thanks to everyone who pointed out the code was wrong. Obviously some robot-pepperpots have been messing around with the space time continuum. The polarity has been reversed now though, and everything appears normal. The code has been updated above! (76642)

10 thoughts on “Timey-Wimey Friday!”

  1. Hi

    The code for the time travelling outfits doesn’t appear to be working.


    Diane Prince

    VLE Developer

    Penistone Grammar School



    1. Hi Diane. Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve been out of the office since Friday but I can assure you the code works now! The new code is 76642


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