The Summer Games 2016

We’re really excited to announce a new event coming soon! Four years ago, we ran the Summer Games 2012, and they were a huge success. This year, we want to make the Summer Games even bigger and even better than ever before.

This year, it’s all about teamwork. In the traditional spirit of the Olympic Games, join with the Greek Gods and compete against the world! Each day a new game is picked. At the end of each day, if your team is best at that game, you get exclusive Avatar items. That’s a chance for new items EVERY DAY!

You’ll be able to team up with your buddies, your classmates, your school, or go it alone and choose an opposing team to compete against your buddies! Here’s a sneak preview of the team logos. Which is your favourite?


Keep checking back here for loads more news about the event coming soon!


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