Background Week + Downtime :(

Whoops! You might have noticed that yesterday (17/5/2016) we had an hour or so where you couldn’t access the website. We’re sorry! I won’t go into the details, as it’s very boring, but what it does mean, is that everyone gets a bonus unlock!


Just enter the code 17516, and you’ll get the dartboard background. It won’t be personalised, that only goes to Team Aphrodite. Check out the backgrounds rewarded so far this week. Pretty cool huh? It’s backgrounds all week, so keep playing to unlock them!

4 thoughts on “Background Week + Downtime :(”

  1. I am currently 3rd in the summer olympics, yet I didnt sign up at the start, will I still recieve a prize if I come in the top 3 at the end or not?


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