Summer Games Winners!


It’s been a great month! 29 games. 45+ rewards. 12 teams. 3 winners. We’ve had thousands of players battling it out, and although most teams definitely put in a stellar effort, Hades, Zeus and Aphrodite really ran away with it; with Hades winning 16 of the 31 days! Great work everyone.

hades banner

There can, however, be only one winner (and two runners-up) and those are:

  1. Mohamed L (108,346pts)
  2. Piers M (68,091pts)
  3. Samuel L (50,550pts)

Congratulations! We’ll be contacting your school after half term to organise your prizes. To everyone else, well done, and thanks for playing!

We’ll be doing more and more events like this in the future, but for now, why not leave a comment below saying what special events you’d like to see next!

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