First Mate Friday

Yaaaar Matey! ‘Tis the most wonderful day of the year, me hearties: International Talk Like a Pirate Day. 


Here at IAL/FrogPlay we love Pirate Day, and we always try and do something special. In the past we’ve had Pirate Games, Pirate Outfits and pets, basically all things Pirate.

So what’s next? EVERYTHING AT ONCE! Plus a couple of surprises!

  • Arrr! Pirates! is now FREE! That’s right, one of our most popular games is now free for the next week. Shoot pirates, collect treasure and hunt down the elusive black-sailed Pirate Captain.
  • Pirate Outifts: Use the unlock code 01680 to grab yourself a couple of hats, a jacket, shirt and trousers, even an eyepatch; everything you need to set sail and plunder some booty!
  • The parrot pet is half price! Have you been saving for a pet, but can’t get to 2500 credits fast enough? Then how about a parrot pet for 1250? It flies, it changes colour whenever you want, and it will unlock you 5 more games!
  • Many pirate themed items in the Avatar Shop are also half price. The ocean background, hoop earrings and even the legendary sword are included, plus lots of others, so head to the shop and grab yourself a bargain!
  • A special surprise in the room. Why not log in now and see if anything has changed…


We’re really excited for this event, and hopefully you are too! Why not leave a comment below (in Pirate, obviously).

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