There’s a new game in I am Learning and FrogPlay: Space Bream.

You play as Eel Armstrong, a fisherman/theoretical physicist who is tired with his life on Earth, so sets off into trouter space to catch fish. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but who cares right? Also, it’s full of fish puns…


  • Catch 4 types of fish, each with their own unique value, resources and strengths.
  • See your ship getting repaired as you play! The more fish you catch, the more Eel’s ship, The Apollock-13 gets fixed, and the more visual upgrades it gets.
  • Challenging play! With more than 30 achievements, only a true fishing pro will be able to master this game.
  • Comic book style storyline. With several panels detailing Eel’s rise and fall, this is the most narratively engaging game we’ve ever made!
  • Infinitely playable. The more you play, the higher the rewards, and the harder the game gets!
  • Perfect for iPad and tablets. With controls for both left and right handed people, it also runs smoothly on all tablets.

So log in now and play it! As an apology for this being released late, the game is half the usual price; only 100 credits! We always try and release something on a Friday, but sometimes things get in the way. This time, it was the internet being down. We’re sorry, but we hope this game is worth the wait!

Have you played Space Bream yet? If you liked it (or hated it) let MINNOW in the comments below (sorry).

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