Fishy Followup Friday

Something a bit different this week. A couple of weeks ago, we released Space Bream. At first, it seemed like people were having a little trouble getting to grips with it, but now the scores are really ramping up. To help newcomers, and pros alike, we’ve put together a handy guide to our newest game.


1. Not all fish are created equal

Neptuna are the most common fish, but they’re also worth the least. For example, a Space Bream is worth well over three times as many points, but harder to catch. Pufferfish and Starfish are in the middle, and are well worth going after.


2. Get your questions right!

The more questions you get right, the rarer the fish will be. If you get all five questions wrong, or skip them, then you’ll only be getting Neptuna, and they aren’t worth much at all.


3. Distance means a lot.

The more fish you catch, the closer you get to Earth. If you get to Earth, you get the chance to play again with an added points multiplier. So once you get to earth, all fish from then on will be worth 10% more. Get there again and they’re worth more than 20% more, and so on.


4. Get fish that are heading from right to left.

The momentum from a speedy fish can really mess things up for you. If you nab the ones heading left, they will often send themselves right into the net.


5. Practice lots, and have fun!

Just by practicing, and playing the game lots, you’ll be getting ever closer to Earth, and that precious points multiplier. Most importantly, have fun! It’s only a game!


Besides, you’ll probably never be as good as me anyway…


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