Free Games Friday: USA Edition

Today is another important day for the US; Donald Trump has arrived at the White House just hours before he is sworn in as the 45th US president. Politics aside, it’s time to make FrogPlay and I am learning great again, one free game at a time!

This fortnight, the free games are all themed around the U.S. of A!

  • Touchdown – There’s nothing more American than American Football!
  • Superhero Creator – The world could always use more heroes!
  • Quick Quests: Wild West – It’s high noon…
  • Air Hockey 2 – Yes yes, Hockey is more a Canadian thing, but still…
  • Space Bream – The US. were the first to the moon. Now you can be the first to fish in space!

As you may know, every two weeks, five games become free. Then two weeks later five new ones become free and the old ones will go back to full price again. This means that you’ll always have some games to try out, and if you like them, you can unlock them later on.

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