February’s Five Free Games!

February is upon us! The nights are getting lighter and it’s (supposed to be) starting to warm up. We’re also only a couple of weeks away from Valentine’s Day, so this fortnight’s free games are all themed around love. Awwww!

  • Cupidity – Spread the love by shooting hearts with a crossbow.
  • Kawanimal Shuffle – The only game where adorable animals burst into hearts!
  • Make-Up – Get yourself looking pretty for the big date!
  • Kiss the Frog – Free the “handsome” prince from his curse.
  • Quack Shot – There’s nothing more romantic than the funfair!

As you may know, every two weeks, five games become free. Two weeks later five new ones become free and the old ones will go back to full price again. This means that you’ll always have some games to try out, and if you like them, you can unlock them later on.

6 thoughts on “February’s Five Free Games!”

  1. why have you totally changed Iam learning ?ITS BECAME SO STRANGE! AND I CAN ONLY SEE MY FACE ON THE iAMABLE AND LOOKS SO WIERD !!!


  2. I’ve tried Cupidity and Kiss The Frog,they’re both very good.Thanks I Am Learning!
    I only saved the Frog-Prince once,but it was fun anyway!
    Oh,and Cupidity,it was great!I had so much fun!


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