This Fortnight’s Free Games

Spring has now officially arrived. This fortnight’s games focus around the changing of the season. Bright colours, lush forests and the great outdoors. Also football, because it’s getting warm enough to have a kick-about outside!

  • Fairy Nuff– Help Queen Fairy Nuff to collect crystals and dodge evil monsters for as long as you can.
  • Flight of the Bumblebee – Control a bee heading to the prettiest flower in the whole garden. Use the mouse to avoid wasps, statues and other obstacles. 
  • Penalty Shootout – Choose your power, aim your shot and try to beat the keeper. Can you get a perfect 20?
  • Fruit PUNCH!– A relaxed match three puzzle game where you crush fruit to make a delicious drink. 
  • Fry, Flip, Feast!– Pancake Day was this week, so celebrate by catching falling pancakes. Make sure to build those combos!

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