Free Games Friday!

This Friday, it’s St. Patrick’s Day, so we’ve (tried to) theme the free games around the Irish. Kinda… If you can guess how these five relate to Ireland you win a prize…

  • Go Bananas – If you want to help the monkey, you’ll need to really push your luck to get as many bananas as you can.
  • Higher or Lower – A simple yet addictive take on a classic format.
  • Germ Warfare – Splatter germs as fast as you can, but be careful: avoid the special germs or the game will get even harder!
  • Lock Stock and Cabbage – Pelt the prisoners with cabbages and potatoes, but don’t let the guards see you; they don’t like it!
  • Rowing – Keep your buttons presses in time and follow the instructions carefully.

As a bonus, because it’s St. Patrick’s Day, celebrate with this Irish themed outfit for your avatar. Just use the code 17316!


9 thoughts on “Free Games Friday!”

  1. this games needed luck (Go Bananas, Higher or Lower) and the leprechaun is preety much lucky IF you seen `em, “If you make it all the way to the end, your points get doubled!” just like a lottery (Higher or lower), people are rowing in northen ireland and theres a lot of competitions and events there (Rowing), theres a 2000s novel “Emerald Germs of Ireland” is a black comedy novel by Irish writer Patrick McCabe. Each chapter is begun with an Irish folk song. (Germ Walfare) , and Bacon and cabbage is a dish traditionally associated with Ireland. The dish consists of sliced back bacon boiled with CABBAGE AND POTATOES. (Lock Stock and Cabbage). (I did some research)…. 😉


    1. This is amazing. I’ll be honest with you, germ Warfare I picked at random, but you even managed to find something for that one! Well done!


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