More Free Games!

There’s no rhyme or reason behind this pick of free games. If you can spot a common theme, leave a comment below! Otherwise, just enjoy a nice selection of classic games, all for free!

  • Pole Survivor – Choose one of three characters, then try and balance on the pole for as long as you can. Be the last one standing to earn bonus points!
  • Run! – Become the Ninja, Dinosaur or Robot and doge, roll and jump your way to victory!
  • Cupidity – Shoot the falling hearts with your bow. Hit the blue hearts for bonus time.
  • Sumo Basho – Try not to break your keyboard as you button bash furiously!
  • Mini-Monster Creator– Create any type of monster you want. From cute and tiny to huge and scary. Why not save a screen shot and post a link in the comments!

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