Free Game Friday

  • Space Bream – Catch fish… IN SPACE!
  • Time Fighter – Shoot baddies… IN SPACE!
  • Invaders – Protect the Earth from Invaders… FROM SPACE!
  • Block Breaker – Break blocks… IN SPACE!
  • Aargh! Aliens! – Stop the approaching Aliens… FROM SPACE!

You get the idea… this fortnight, we’ve gone for a SPACE theme!

Next fortnight, the free games will be chosen BY YOU! Leave a comment below with a game you’d like to get for free! The most common suggestions, or suggestions with the most comments will be chosen!

12 thoughts on “Free Game Friday”

    1. What about giving half price pets cuz i really want the dragon and i only have 2802 credits now and i live in Malaysia so the codes on 2013 and above i cant access :,( poor me


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