Free Games Tuesday!

A bit late this one, but better late than never! This time, since it’s been such a scorching hot weekend is the UK, the free games are all about taking a refreshing dip!

  • Sea Spikes – Cool off in the ocean, and grab some gems and treasure while you’re at it!
    MY HIGHSCORE: 591 pts
  • Pole Survivor – If you’re going to fall into the sea, do it in style, and win a competition in the process!
    MY HIGHSCORE: 156 pts
  • Watersports – Jet Skis, Speedboats, even fan boats. All sorts of summer fun!
    MY HIGHSCORE: 160 secs
  • Dive Hard – When swimming, always beware of sharks and jellyfish! Also lobsters…
    MY HIGHSCORE: 4200 pts
  • Heli-Rescue – Now here’s one where you probably shouldn’t take a dip in the sea…
    MY HIGHSCORE: 4381 pts

Can you beat the Developer Highscore? There’s nothing at stake and no consequences, but it’s bragging rights!

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