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Free Games Rotation and a new Unlock Code

Free stuff Fridays are back! Kind of… Due to a minor technical hiccup, it’s free stuff Monday this time! To kick things off, we have our first user-requested code!

And for you, FrogPlay users, I give you the code of Earendil our most beloved unlock code. May it be a dress for you, when all other dresses don’t fit. Or something along those lines…


This one is modelled after a certain Elf Queen for a certain popular fantasy series. You know the one… Just use the code 13620 to get the dress and tiara right now!

Also in keeping with the theme, we’ve made another five games free for a limited time:

  • Fairy Nuff: Not quite an Elf Queen, more of a Fairy Queen.
  • Brrr! Snowballs: Now these ones are elves! Pelt them with snow!
  • Kiss the Frog: Save a prince deep in an enchanted forest.
  • Spellcaster: Magic spells and dark lords!
  • Spellslinger: More magic spells, this time with dragons!



15 thoughts on “Free Games Rotation and a new Unlock Code”

      1. The Lord of the rings film is apsaloutly amazing hope I am learning will do Arwen and Eowyn soon an my sister would love tauriel as she has long red hair just like my sis


      1. Hi! Try using the code 25120. I believe that’s the one that gives you the elf ears, as well as some other festive goodies! If it isn’t, leave another comment and I’ll take another look!


  1. I made an Arwen style dress and I would love to be able to put on a short play of the story of Arwen and Aragorn but unfortunately we don’t quite have enough people in my family


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