FrogPlay World Championship

The FrogPlay World Championship is coming to an end, but you still have time to stake a claim for a prize!

The top three students in primary schools and the top three students in secondary schools on the UK leaderboard when the competition ends will each win:

  • £50 either Google Play, Amazon or iTunes vouchers
  • Medal / Trophy
  • Certificate
  • Merchandise pack

As it stands right now, Mithun, Thokulan and Isabelle are going to win the primary school prizes, and Habiba, Shahmel and Muhammad are on course for the secondary school prizes.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 10.49.25

But there’s still time to change the results! Keep logging in and keep taking quizzes and you could stand a chance of overtaking them and winning!

From tomorrow, 25th May until the end of the competition, 31st May, the leaderboard will be hidden from view to help build the suspense. Winners will be announced soon after the closing date. Good luck to everyone!


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