Football Festival


Starting tomorrow, we are running our Football Festival. Running in parallel to another, slightly less famous football event, the Football Festival will run for 32 days from 14th June until the 15th July.

During the Festival there are two ways you can win real world prizes:

Firstly, we are going to reset the leaderboard for Goals of Glory, our most popular football game. Then when the tournament ends the student who has scored the most goals will win an International football shirt of their choosing.

Secondly, because we know not everyone is going football mad this summer, we’re also going to give a £50 Amazon voucher to the student who spends the most time in quizzes over the course of the Festival. Just login and start studying, and that can be in quick fire or any game you choose, it all counts.

And finally, because we’re just that generous, every single day you login during the Festival you will unlock one free football shirt for your avatar. Login on all 32 days and you’ll get shirts for all 32 nations who are going to that other tournament I forget the name of…

Ready for kick off? The tournament goes live tomorrow morning at 8am UK time (GMT+1), so lace up your boots and don’t forget to stretch, we don’t want any injuries out there!

Good luck everyone.

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