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FrogPlay World Championships!


Next week the FrogPlay World Championships are starting again. They run from Feb 11th until 15th March, and all you have to do to take part is go into FrogPlay and answer quizzes.

Every time you answer a question you’re automatically competing for some great prizes. At the end of the Championships the student who has answered the most questions will become the champion! Students from all over the globe will be taking part, do you have what it takes to win?

And what are these great prizes? Well just look:

1st place student will not only get bragging rights that they’re the Best in the World, but they’ll also get their choice of an XBox One S or a PlayStation 4.

2nd place will get their hands on a Windows 10 or Android tablet.

3rd place will get themselves a shiny new Fitbit!

To support you in your efforts, we’re also making all games free to play for the duration of the Championships. So get logged in and get playing.

And as always, keep your eyes open for unlock codes popping up during the course of the Championship!

Good luck everyone!

[Full details of the FrogPlay World Championship]


(p.s. sorry the blog has been so quiet as of late, that’s all set to change very soon, more posts, more sneak peeks, and more unlock codes are all coming this way!!)

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