FrogPlay World Championships: The End!

It’s been an incredible 60 days, with millions of questions answers, hours and hours of work done, 9 countries virtually visited, and a whole bunch of Avatar Parts and items unlocked!

If you missed anything, don’t worry, there’ll be an opportunity to unlock those parts again in a future event.

Of course, there are winners to be announced! We’re double (and triple) checking the scores, and we will announce the winners shortly! Stay tuned for the announcement.

A massive CONGRATULATIONS to all who took part, we all know how weird things currently are for everyone, and just hope that our World Championships have helped provide a little distraction from all that (as well as, you know, providing huge amounts of educational benefit!). It’s been great fun for us too, watching you all compete and logging in with our own accounts to see the virtual sights and grabbing new avatar parts. I’m sure we’ll be running another tournament in the future and hope you’ll all come back to join in then too.

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