The end of The Games!

Well that’s it. Nearly 200,000 people competed across 10 events. You guys logged an incredible 8 whole years worth of revision over the month, so well done!

A huge congratulations to those of you who won the medals. Have you checked out our closing ceremony yet? You can find it by clicking on the window in your room and following the link.

An even bigger congratulations has to go to Ross L, Adam A and Craig W. These guys were our overall winners of the Games and each get to pick a prize!
In other news, it’s the Jubilee weekend and we thought we’d celebrate. There will be bunting and all sorts, as well as a new outfits for your Iamable!

Coldstream Guard Outfit – 19520

22 thoughts on “The end of The Games!”

  1. Love the animation in the award ceremony! I cant wait until you get more animations on the Iamable parts….and other parts of the website! I cant think of any now, but the possibilities are ENDLESS! 😀

    Rob 🙂


  2. I feel very nostalgic now as I first came on here during the Games and it's a big change for me…I loved the IAL Games!


  3. What is going to happen with the third place real world prizes because there were multiple people tied third, one of them being me?


  4. hello how do you get the olympic games sport kit if you were not aware of the games at the time i would love to get the kit before the olympics start soon


  5. I have a few problems concerning the Leaderboards:

    On “I am Loaded”, when I scored £1,000,000, I ended up 0 place! It isn't fair because only shows 10 of the people who scored that much. I'm sure hundreds of people score that much too but they end up in 0 place too so is there something those ten people are doing better than us? Same with “Ten Pin Bowling”! Loads of poeple score 300 points and end up in 0 place. Maybe you should make the games harder or something to make it fair who is in what place on the Leaderboard. And on Chain of Fools, when I score £2500, on the Leaderboard it says I scored £0…


  6. The codes for the kits are still around. Try playing Hammer Throw and Long Jump. The codes are found in those games. There's also a code for a kit exclusive to our Facebook Fans!


  7. Thanks for pointing this out. This is because the leader board only updates if you BEAT your previous score. So if I scores 250 on Bowling, then scored 300, it would move me to 1st. However if I got 300 again, it would move me to 0 to give other people a chance at 1st place. I agree that this is confusing, and isn't the best way of sorting this. We are going to look into how to improve this system, so thanks for pointing it out to us!


  8. That's a good question. We had 6 people tied for third, and ended up drawing a name out of a hat.The 5 who didn't win have been given 1000 bonus credits to use on new games, or spend in the shop (in September!);


  9. what were the prizes for coming 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall for the i am learning olympic games? I know the person who came 2nd!


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