Goals of Glory 2014/15 Edition

GoG is the most popular game in I am Learning. Want it on the iPad? I'm sure we can help with that...

Surely you’ve all played Goals of Glory (if not… why are you reading this? Go play it now. Now. Go on…) It’s the most popular game in the whole system, played more times than like.. 10 other games put together or something. It’s a classic.

So we decided it was time to upgrade it a little! Here are a few of the new things you can expect from your favourite fatty footballing friends!

  • Brand new physics engine: Now the ball acts like a real football. You can add backspin, bounce it from the cross bar and more.
  • iPad functionality: Now take Goals of Glory anywhere with iPad, tablet and mobile support.
  • Improved AI: The opponent will try and outsmart you. Think you can just roll it right by him? Think again!
  • New teams: Crystal Palace, Burnley and more join the roster!
  • More detail: All teams’ kits are now closer to real life UK clubs. Can you spot your favourite?
  • Super Hard Mode: Is one opponent too easy? Try two! They’ll try and bully you though – Don’t let them!

Goals of Glory is just one of the things we’ve improved in the latest version. We hope you like it! Let us know what you think!

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Second Legendary Footy Fiesta Unlock

Congratulations everyone. Due to everyone’s hard work, we’ve managed to get our planes back to the UK, ready for their most important journey yet. So, as promised, here is the second Legendary Item Unlock


The Solid Gold Football is the most impractical football ever made. Weighing more than any human could ever kick (without breaking their foot), it’s also worth over 9000 credits! There’s only one unlock code left, but it’ll be a real challenge to get it. We need to get at least 12 players to Brazil by the end of today (Monday June 9th).

Remember: These unlock codes will only be released if we manage to achieve the targets before Tuesday, June 10th. If we don’t get 11/12 members to Brazil, we’ll never release the next unlock, which is a FREE PET CODE!

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Footy Fiesta Winners!

The Footy Fiesta competition has now drawn to a close. It was really close at the end too! We’d like to give a big congratulations to Amy A for her amazing score of 3,662 goals in Penalty Shootout, and Tajinder G. who managed to destroy the competition with his score of 7,414 goals! (That’s nearly 240 goals per day!) 

Footy Fiesta isn’t over yet though! We still need to get our England Squad to Brazil. See below for more information on upcoming unlock codes and bonuses! Also, why not leave a comment below congratulating our winners!

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Footy Fiesta Bonus Items

Footy Fiesta is going great! The games are being played like crazy, and the competition is really hotting up! There’s only a couple of days left to win those prizes; A tour of Wembley Stadium or a Football Kit.

However, because everyone seems to be enjoying the Fiesta so much, we are extending the “Trip to Brazil” mini-game until the World Cup. Plus, to make it even better, there are a few bonus items up for grabs.

Do you want an unlock code for a trophy? A Legendary Golden Football? Even a FREE PET?!
All these are ready to go. When we get 10 players to Brazil, you will unlock the trophy. When we get the plane back to the UK, you’ll get the Golden Football. If we manage to get 12 players to Brazil, you will unlock the super-special Armadillo pet for free!


This means you’ll have to try really hard to do as much work on I am Learning as you can!


Footy Fiesta: The Second Plane

Everyone has been doing really great on the football games; We never expected to see so many people enjoying them so much, so thanks to everyone! To celebrate this, we’ve decided to splash out on a second plane to help get the England Squad to Brazil!

Also, the plane is gold. So that’s cool.

This means we should get the players across in half the time now, which means bonus unlock codes when (or if) we do! So lets try our best to get them all across!

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Footy Fiesta!

The response to Footy Fiesta 14 has been incredible so far! Goals of Glory has been player OVER 9000 times in just a few days, and Penalty Shootout isn’t too far behind! We’ve already got one player to Brazil, and the IAL Plane should be back to England in the next few hours.

Lots of people figured out the code hints. Did you? If not, here you go! Lets try and make it so everyone on the leaderboards is wearing them!


Keep checking back for more Footy Fiesta 14 news and information coming soon! HINT: There just might be another unlock code coming!

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Footy Fiesta: FINAL CODE!

Well here it is. The final number. Go!


So that’s it! You have all 10 numbers. You have clues on how to build the codes. So that’s all I’m giving for now!

Full list: 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 4, 6, 6 and 8.

Hint One: 1 _ _ _ 4 (this one has a 6, and two 1’s);
Hint Two: _ 2 2 _ 2 (This one has an 8 and a 6 in it);

Footy Fiesta begins tomorrow. So come back here tomorrow to get the codes in full, if you haven’t figured them out by then!

Fun Fact: Did you know that 9 people have actually unlocked the outfits already? That’s before I even gave out the numbers! Crazy!

Well, we hope you enjoyed these little puzzles! Keep checking back here for more over the next month; We really want Footy Fiesta to be amazing!

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Footy Fiesta Code: PART NINE!

Here it is. The second to last part of the unlock codes. 


Now, you have enough for one of the codes! In fact, you actually have all the numbers needed for BOTH the codes (as the final number is a duplicate of one you already have)! But where do the numbers go? Well OK, here’s a hint!

One code starts with a 1 and ends in a 4. It also has a 6 in it somewhere.

The other has three 2s. It also has 2+2+2 and 2x2x2!

Can you figure them out yet? Tomorrow you get the last piece of the puzzle. The necessary number needed to crack and complete the cryptic codes. So check back tomorrow! 

Just to point out, no one has guessed either of them yet. I’m really quite disappointed!

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Footy Fiesta code!

So. Were you expecting another number of the Footy Fiesta code today?

Well you’re not getting one.

You’re getting three!

2  2  2

Technically three of the same, but there you go! That’s eight numbers in total, so only two more to go! Here’s a recap…

1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 4, 6 and 8.

Put them in the right order… Well, you’re still missing two! Can you guess them yet?