Goals of Glory 2014/15 Edition

GoG is the most popular game in I am Learning. Want it on the iPad? I'm sure we can help with that...

Surely you’ve all played Goals of Glory (if not… why are you reading this? Go play it now. Now. Go on…) It’s the most popular game in the whole system, played more times than like.. 10 other games put together or something. It’s a classic.

So we decided it was time to upgrade it a little! Here are a few of the new things you can expect from your favourite fatty footballing friends!

  • Brand new physics engine: Now the ball acts like a real football. You can add backspin, bounce it from the cross bar and more.
  • iPad functionality: Now take Goals of Glory anywhere with iPad, tablet and mobile support.
  • Improved AI: The opponent will try and outsmart you. Think you can just roll it right by him? Think again!
  • New teams: Crystal Palace, Burnley and more join the roster!
  • More detail: All teams’ kits are now closer to real life UK clubs. Can you spot your favourite?
  • Super Hard Mode: Is one opponent too easy? Try two! They’ll try and bully you though – Don’t let them!

Goals of Glory is just one of the things we’ve improved in the latest version. We hope you like it! Let us know what you think!

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New iPad games!

Good news everyone!

We’ve moved three of our popular games across to our mobile/tablet version.

  • Play ‘I am Loaded’ for your chance to win a virtual million. 
  • ‘Go Bananas’ sees you helping a hungry monkey to collect bananas from magic sacks.
  • Create your own amazing jungle environments, aquarium or other themed zoo in ‘Zookeeper’.

The best part is, you can now do all this on the move!

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New Developments!

We’re changing the way our games are made. Right now, all our games are built using Flash. As you may know, this means that they won’t work on an iPad or your mobile phone. We want to change this, so going forward, we want to make games that will work perfectly, everywhere.

Our first game built with this new technology is a rebuild of ‘Air Hockey’. With improved controls on desktop machines, it’s also super smooth on iPads.

So, we need YOU! You can now play this game, with no cost and no questions, just the game! We’d like you to play the game and tell us what you think. 

  • Did it work OK?
  • Does it control well? 
  • Did it work on your tablet/mobile? 
  • What improvements would you make?

Click here to play it. Bear in mind, it carries on forever! So just have fun, and let us know what you think in the comments section below! 

(The game won’t be up there long, maybe just this weekend. It’s just to test it out, so be quick!)

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Latest iPad Games!

There isn’t a lot to link I am Loaded, Chain of Fools, Zookeeper and Firework Frenzy. Yes they’re all games. They’re all… Different really. However, one thing they have got in common; They’re all coming to our iPad version of i am learning! Now you’l be able to burst rockets, design zoos and win thousands of (virtual) pounds – all on the move!

We really want to make the iPad and tablet version of i am learning great, and getting a bunch of games out is a high priority! Which games would you like to see go mobile? Let us know in the comments below!