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I am Learning Games Third Unlock Code

We’re into the final third of the IAL games and competition is really hotting up! The leader boards are changing almost daily, and thousands of people are playing every day. 
Here are a few more stats about The Games, and another unlock code to thank for everyone taking part!

  • In Weightlifting, the total weight lifted is nearly 2000 fully grown elephants!
  • Over 36,000 divers have fallen a massive total of 221 miles. That’s the same height as the International Space Station orbits The Earth!
  • Our sprinters have now run far enough to get to America AND back again!

Celebrating Vest and Supporter Flags – 35247

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IAL Games second unlock code!

The Games are really taking off now! We’re a third of the way through the competition and things are starting to get serious. Here are a few stats about the Game so far:

  • Sprinting is our most popular game.
  • Rowing is the least played game so far.
  • Our athletes have sprinted over 5,000,000 metres. That’s from London to The USA!
  • 78,000 hurdles have been cleared!
  • Over 5000 boats have been used in rowing. If you stacked them up end to end, they’d reach into Outer Space!
  • More people are using I am Learning than ever before! Amazing!
  • This blog is getting more visits than ever too! 

To celebrate these awesome statistics, we’ve decided to release another unlock code. This time, it’s the turn of the female athletes taking part in the IAL Games! Keep up the good work everyone. The higher the numbers, the better the Games! The more people visit this blog and our Facebook page, the more unlock codes we can release, so keep checking back here for more! 

IAL Games 2013 Jacket, Dress and Running Top – 87848
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The I am Learning Games 2013 are live!

Are you ready for the biggest sporting event in the I am Learning calendar? It’s the 2nd annual I am Learning Games, where the best (virtual) athletes come from all over the country to compete for glory (and prizes). The Games last year were amazing, with hundreds of thousands of people taking part. This year’s Games will hopefully be even bigger. So what are you wating for? Start playing now!

  • 10 games available for free! No unlocks required.
  • Hidden unlock codes, and more coming soon!
  • Real world prizes to be announced soon!
  • Medals awarded to the best players.
  • A brand new area to explore; The I am Learning Games Park

The end of The Games!

Well that’s it. Nearly 200,000 people competed across 10 events. You guys logged an incredible 8 whole years worth of revision over the month, so well done!

A huge congratulations to those of you who won the medals. Have you checked out our closing ceremony yet? You can find it by clicking on the window in your room and following the link.

An even bigger congratulations has to go to Ross L, Adam A and Craig W. These guys were our overall winners of the Games and each get to pick a prize!
In other news, it’s the Jubilee weekend and we thought we’d celebrate. There will be bunting and all sorts, as well as a new outfits for your Iamable!

Coldstream Guard Outfit – 19520
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The I am Learning Games!

The I am Learning Games have begun! The games have been active for nearly two hours, and already hundreds of people have played them! Have you? So far Mia F has lifted nearly two and a half TONNES in Weightlifting! Corey P has leapt a whopping 69m in the Triple Jump! Max S has thrown the Hammer 166m in total! Can you do better?
Check out the overall leaders!
Noone has unlocked the new Iamable outfits yet. Will you be the first to find the HIDDEN CODES?
Hint: Check the backgrounds of the games!

Remember, access the games in the normal way, or check out the I am Learning Village outside your window. Just click the window to leave your room!
Choose your event!