Avatar, Free Games Friday

Happy Halloween!

Once again it’s gone all spooky in the world! Monsters, goblins, ghouls, zombies and more! We’ve had plenty of spooky costumes for the Avatar release in the past. Our personal favourite is these creations from last year:

Unlock Dr. Frankenstein and his Monster with the code 01931

Why not unlock some outfits, get creative and make an appearance on our leaderboards. At the end of the week, we’ll have a showcase right here on the blog of our favourite, spooky, scary or just cool avatars you guys have made, but we can only see them if your on those leaderboards! Good luck!

Also the five free games have been updated with a selection of our scariest (or firework related) games!

  • Zap-a-Bat
  • Grave Danger
  • Mini-Monster Creator
  • Beat That: Mini Monsters
  • Firework Frenzy

Log on now and check them out!



Christmas Unlocks

By our count, it’s only 18 days ’till Christmas! The office Christmas tree is up and our dancing Santa has been liberated from his storeroom cupboard home.

If you’ve not checked out Alisha’s winning Christmas card entry yet, just scroll down and check it out! We’ve also released 6 new T-shirts featuring her design; they’re in the shop right now!

That’s not all though, we’ve also got our Christmas unlock code for the frankly ridiculous Christmas Tree outfit, as modeled by yours truly!

To unlock this outfit, simply solve our Christmas puzzle!

How many Wise Men were there?
The number of the drummers drumming
and the date of Christmas Eve! 

Put those numbers together, and you’ve got the code!


Halloween Unlock codes and items!

It’s almost Halloween! To celebrate, we’ve added 16 new items to the IAL shop! Combined with our old Halloween outfits, there’s thousands of combinations to try! Here’s a list of whats new, and, for those who missed them, our old Halloween unlock codes!

  • 5 new hats: Creep, robot, crooked hat, large and small bows
  • 3 new long hairstyles
  • Creep legs and torn zombie shorts
  • Creep body
  • Sad skull-face mask 
  •  4 new backgrounds: Graveyard, mountains, island and spooky hills
31100 – Halloween 2010
74115 -Witch dress and Hockey Mask
72076 – Goth shirt, emo hair and mask
11577 – Witch dress and shriek mask
99068 – Vampire coat and Medusa hair
70670 – Werewolf outfit




We hope everyone enjoyed the tricks and treats of the Halloween weekend. We had thousands of people unlock the Halloween outfits, and the I am learning Champions League is full of vampires, werewolves and more!

In case you didn’t manage to unlock them all, here are all the unlock codes we made for Halloween. Just pop each of them in to get over 12 new items for your avatar!

74115 – Blue witch dress and hockey mask
72076 – Goth hair, skull t-shirt and mouth mask
11577 – Green witch dress and shriek mask
99068 – Vampire coat and Medusa hairstyle
70670 – Werewolf head, body and feet
Hope everyone enjoys them! Keep an eye out here, and on our facebook and twitter pages, as we’ll be releasing a code for Bonfire Night very soon!