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Championship Tennis!

Have you played our latest game yet? Championship tennis is a fast paced, arcade style tennis game that definitely takes some skill to master! Watch out though. The more questions you get wrong, the better your opponent will be. 

That’s not all. Do well enough, and beat the computer player thoroughly and you’ll win an exclusive tennis outfit for your Iamable!

The game is available now. Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below!

37 thoughts on “Championship Tennis!”

  1. It's an okay game except when you're at one side of the pitch and your opponent hits the ball the complete opposite side when it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to get there on time!


  2. May i ask i am learning weather we can have a ipet and if you click on it you can talk to other students because you can only chat to teacher but why would you not talk to other students this may get more people going on i am learning more at home what a good idea right


  3. i think that the game is really good and all my friends at school like to compete to see who gets the highest scores !xxx:-) I havent downloaded it yet but I will now as it looks really good!


  4. I am really bad at the game so i don't really like it but it is nice gesture and i am learning is pretty fun but i agree with the other comment it would be cool to have ipets ! 🙂


  5. I really like this game and Im still not on the leader board ( sad face ) but I managed to get the outfit so I am 4th now !:-)


  6. may i ask i amlearning,that when u get the tennis code it only gives u the kit and thats it wid the cap, y not the eyes and the girls hair


  7. this is a idea for iamlearning,may us girls have girly jumpers with huds on and some girly trackys as well plz plz and some funky girlly hairs and some karati clothings as well pretty plz and most of all, some dresses that are short and long up to your toes plz iamlearning coz theres not that many girl outfts and the boys get a lot of sick clothes so that why i'm asking for all these things


  8. Good news! Girls are getting some great new stuff in September. Not only dresses and girly tops, but also shoes, leggings and jeans. We're also adding loads more girls hair. Perhaps best of all? Make-up, earrings and jewellery! No longer will the boys get all the cool stuff!


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