End of Flash, but lots of new games to come!

As some of you may know, Adobe Flash Player is going away on the 31st December 2020. Many internet browsers, such as Safari, FireFox and Chrome have already stopped support, however, Flash will officially be gone as of the end of December 2020.

Don’t worry though, most of your favourite games have been updated so they no longer use Flash. As part of this they have been re-built using exciting new technology like HTML5 and Unity to add more playability and better graphics as well as ensuring they work super well on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

With recent updates to FrogPlay there will be 40 games available including new games like Sublime Sandwiches, updated games like Whack a Monkey and Fruit PUNCH, and sequels to some old favourites, including Penalty Shootout 2 and Goals of Glory: Internationals. All Flash based games will be available in FrogPlay until the end of 2020, so get your last games of Cupidity and Doors of Danger in now!

We realise there may be a few games that you might miss. We have built the games based on the number of times they are played to try to ensure the most popular games remain but please comment below with what you’d like us to remake, or make a sequel to.

Frog will continue to commit to constant games development in 2021 creating many more new games so keep an eye out for news on this next year!

For further information on the deprecation of the Flash Player please refer to the link below:


FrogPlay World Championships: The End!

It’s been an incredible 60 days, with millions of questions answers, hours and hours of work done, 9 countries virtually visited, and a whole bunch of Avatar Parts and items unlocked!

If you missed anything, don’t worry, there’ll be an opportunity to unlock those parts again in a future event.

Of course, there are winners to be announced! We’re double (and triple) checking the scores, and we will announce the winners shortly! Stay tuned for the announcement.

A massive CONGRATULATIONS to all who took part, we all know how weird things currently are for everyone, and just hope that our World Championships have helped provide a little distraction from all that (as well as, you know, providing huge amounts of educational benefit!). It’s been great fun for us too, watching you all compete and logging in with our own accounts to see the virtual sights and grabbing new avatar parts. I’m sure we’ll be running another tournament in the future and hope you’ll all come back to join in then too.


Welcome to Malaysia!

It’s the final week of the FrogPlay World Championships, and we’re finishing in Malaysia! It’s been an amazing journey, spanning nine countries in 60 days, and the finish line is in sight! It’s a shorter journey this time, so you should easily be able to get everything!

Log in all four days and you’ll get a background, 1000 credits (enough to buy five new games, or loads of Avatar parts!), an awesome gold trophy for your room, and a hornbill pet, Malaysia’s national bird!

There’s only a few days left to get our hands on a Nintendo Switch or Amazon vouchers, so keep working, keep answering those questions and revising!


Welcome to Australia!

Although Australia is the flattest and driest continent, it’s also one of the most diverse. Australia has deserts, tropical rain forest, mountains, huge cities, and a hugely varied number or animals. Some of these critters are on display on our T-Shirts for your Avatar, available to unlock this week!

You might also recognise a certain Crocodile hunting animal lover in there too, Crickey!

Remember, log in every day to get these parts. This is the second to last week of the FrogPlay World Championships, and there’s everything to play for, including real world prizes!

Avatar, FrogPlay

Welcome to The USA!

The United States of America, home of Mount Rushmore, The Statue of Liberty, Hollywood, and our seventh stop on the FrogPlay World Championships!

So far we’ve been to the UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Bermuda and Mexico, and now, the USA. That means there’s only two more places after this. Do you have all the Avatar parts yet? All the backgrounds? There’s another five parts and a background this week, so make sure to be logging in every day!


Welcome to Mexico!

It’s Day 4 of the FrogPlay World Championship’s trip to Mexico! Have you unlocked everything so far? Next week is a big one, so make sure you log in every day then too!

Very fetching, right? There’s still plenty of time to get this outfit and background, plus an amazing Luchador Wrestler outfit later this week!

Also, well done on your constant hard work in FrogPlay. We’re only just over a week into April, but already more goals have been scored, more tin ducks have been blasted, more card packs have been opened and more cars have been tuned than in the whole month of February. That’s amazing, and we can’t wait to see how much more can be done this month!


Welcome to Spain!

We’re into the fourth week of the FrogPlay World Championships, and although we know things are a little unusual now in the World (to say the least!) but that doesn’t mean the FPWC stops. This week, we’re in Spain, and there’s some real great stuff to unlock, including a beautiful Flamenco Dress, very smart jacket and some super cool hats!

So remember, if you’re currently doing your school work from home, you can always still log in to FrogPlay and unlock some great Spanish themed items, as well as play all your favourite games!


FrogPlay’s Trip to Ireland Continues

How many Ireland themed items have you unlocked this week? Today’s stop is Garnish Island, which may not be as delicious as it sounds, but it sure is beautiful. Make sure to log in over the weekend too to complete your rather snazzy pair of Irish Dancing outfits.

You won’t want to miss where we’re roamin’ to next week either, as there’s some really great stuff to unlock. You’ll definitely want a piece ‘a the action! Can you guess where we’ll be landing next?

Make sure to log in to FrogPlay on Monday to find out!


Welcome to Ireland!

The third largest island in Europe, filled with lush, green vegetation and beautiful rivers, Ireland is the second stop on the FrogPlay World Championship tour!

Find out more about Ireland here!

Did you manage to complete every stamp on the UK map? If not, don’t worry. There’s plenty to collect this week, reflecting the rich traditional culture of Ireland. Remember to log in every day, and make sure to do some quizzes and games while you’re there, you might just win some amazing real world prizes!

For now, here’s a look at the complete UK map. Cool right? Can you name all the landmarks shown here?