Christmas Unlocks

By our count, it’s only 18 days ’till Christmas! The office Christmas tree is up and our dancing Santa has been liberated from his storeroom cupboard home.

If you’ve not checked out Alisha’s winning Christmas card entry yet, just scroll down and check it out! We’ve also released 6 new T-shirts featuring her design; they’re in the shop right now!

That’s not all though, we’ve also got our Christmas unlock code for the frankly ridiculous Christmas Tree outfit, as modeled by yours truly!

To unlock this outfit, simply solve our Christmas puzzle!

How many Wise Men were there?
The number of the drummers drumming
and the date of Christmas Eve! 

Put those numbers together, and you’ve got the code!

38 thoughts on “Christmas Unlocks”

  1. yeah no 90 drumers druming because its 12 days of christmas! so sorry like like that other odd person said and can you do more codes i need thing i NEED


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