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New Halloween game!

  • Zap-a-Bat is the second of our Halloween games, the first being Grave Danger which was released in 2011.
  • This is the first I am Learning game to offer multiple difficulties.
  • Players should start off in easy mode and have fun without the pressure of losing all their points. This mode may also be more suitable for younger players.
  • Hard mode, while offering the lure of more points is far more punishing, as clicking on a Faerie will reset all your Faeries back to bats!
  • You should focus on the slower bats. Chasing after one bat for a long time will always result in fewer points!
  • The game stores your highest score!

2 thoughts on “New Halloween game!”

  1. hi
    i love halloween as it is just a day after my birthday
    however to make me really happy could you do a wallpaper that is orange with a union jack
    your buddy
    the ginger ninja


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