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IAL Games ’13 Unlock Code!

To celebrate the I am Learning Games, we’re going to be releasing several unlock codes over the course of the month. Here is the first code, which includes a familiar stance from an Olympic hero… Keep checking back here for more unlock codes coming very soon!

Olympic Athlete Unlock Code – 22013

22 thoughts on “IAL Games ’13 Unlock Code!”

  1. on ial i think u shud be able to put more thn 1 type of item of tht type on ur iamable cause the sword and shield would look EPIC also i think u shud be able to rotate iamable items


  2. There would just be too many people to give medals to if that were the case, and it'd be a nightmare to sort out. Sorry, it will only be to the overall leaders of every game.


  3. plz make the eagle tunic,trousers,hat and sword cheaper ive been savin up 4 ages and ive gotton nowhere still


  4. on car tune 2 i thnk u shud be able to make ur own car parts on it like 4 example carbonfiber racing vents ect


  5. We won't be releasing the Iamdroid or anything similar, as he is to let people know that their multiplayer opponent has left. If real people could look like him, it'd get confusing!


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