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Penalty Shootout

Penalty Shootout is, and always has been, our most popular game in I am learning. With tens of thousands of people having played it since September, you guys really seem to love it. The problem is it looks a bit… well… dated. It’s also one of our oldest games, and as we make new things, our skills improve! That’s why we’ve decided to give it a facelift!

We’ve hired a new capable keeper with a greater range of animation (and a few secret surprises). The crowds are starting to fill our fancy new stadium. We’ve also added new achievements, and changed the way the game is played. So check it out now!

29 thoughts on “Penalty Shootout”

  1. Meh… No offence but I think that when it was upgraded/updated I thought everything was more boring. Its too easy getting credits. Before it was more hard.
    P.S.I love pickle juice.


  2. No offence taken! We had lots of you guys saying that you didn't earn credits fast enough. It's only been slightly increased, so it shouldn't have made it TOO easy. Which parts of the site are you finding boring? We'd be interested to know!
    PS. I've never heard of pickle juice. It sounds like the worst thing ever.


  3. We already have a couple of winter holiday / Christmas themed games (and Iamable outfits). A wedding game would be cool, but I'm not sure what it would be! Birthday games wouldn't really work, you wouldn't want to play a birthday game on a day that isn't your birthday!


  4. hi eassa im not i am learning but actually im second on the overlall leaders and i think u should give other people a chance to catch up i mean 13,420 how do u do that


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