Furball Friday!

We’ve been hinting at this one for ages, and now it’s finally here! Join Linty once again as he jumps, slides and runs through 20 huge levels. Linty’s arch enemy, Gritty has got his hands on a powerful crystal that could destroy the entire world. It’s up to Linty to stop him in his tracks, and rescue his friends while he’s at it!

Game Features:

Full iPad and mobile integration

  • 20 levels with multiple paths through them
  • 4 challenging bosses
  • Secret paths and areas
  • 4 distinct regions
  • Hundreds of collectable Furballs

Unlock this globe-spanning adventure now!

5 thoughts on “Furball Friday!”

    1. It’s his most challenging adventure to date! It should be hard. Make sure you get all your questions right to get more health. Also time your jumps carefully, and take your time through the levels! You get as many tries as you want on each level, so just don’t rush and you’ll be fine!


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