Footy Fiesta Trophy!

Congratulations everyone. Due to everyone’s hard work, we’ve managed to get 10 squad members to Brazil. So, as promised, here is your first Legendary Item Unlock


This trophy symbolises everyone’s hard work during the past month (and the whole year really) so well done everybody! The next unlock is the Solid Gold Football, which will be unlocked once we get the planes back to the UK

Remember: These unlock codes will only be released if we manage to achieve the targets before Tuesday, June 10th. If we don’t get 11 members to Brazil, we’ll never release the next unlock, which is a FREE PET CODE!

4 thoughts on “Footy Fiesta Trophy!”

  1. well 1000 kingdom we already have the stadium and you can dress up as one brazil player anytime… besides there's never been an unlock for a backround


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