Five Free Games

This fortnight, we celebrate I am Learning’s most popular games. These five games have hundreds of plays a day, and have the most hotly competed leaderboard spots. If you haven’t given these games a go, you really should! Which is your favourite?

  • Sea Spikes– Hop across the screen collecting gems, and unlocking over 20 different playable characters.
  • Linty’s Odyssey – Help Linty defeat Gritty – again, in this huge platformer.
  • Goals of Glory – Choose a team and play arcade football on three challenging difficulty levels.
  • Zookeeper – Arrange the animals in any way you desire to create a perfect animal park.
  • Cardoons – Our most ambitious game yet. A strategic card game, played against REAL players. Collect cards, build a deck, then play online. You’ll even earn credits offline when other people challenge your deck!

As you may know, every two weeks, five games become free. Two weeks later five new ones become free and the old ones will go back to full price again. This means that you’ll always have some games to try out, and if you like them, you can unlock them later on.

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