May Day and Free Games!

It’s May! If anyone was out this weekend, you may have seen these oddly dressed fellows dancing around a may pole: Morris Dancers. A classic tradition of attaching bells to your clothes and dancing, and it makes a perfect outfit for your Avatar! Just use code 10517 to unlock this very colourful hat, jacket and trouser combo!


Also, the free games have been delayed for a while, but they’re back now! I sure hope you like button bashing, because this time, the free game selection is all about hitting those keys!

  • Dive 2012 – Climb to the highest diving board, and make sure your timing is perfect!
  • Weightlifting – Choose a weight, then bash the keys to lift it! If you manage to lift it, you get the points, but if you fail, you get nothing, so pace yourself!
  • Fitness Freaks – Take part in four events against the AI. How many reps can you do?
  • Javelin – Bash the arrow key to build power, then throw the javelin at the perfect angle. Practice makes perfect!
  • Triple Jump – Hop, skip and jump once you’ve built up enough power. Try and get as close to the white board without going over it!

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