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New Game!

Check out our latest game, Mini-Monster Creator. Our design games are really popular, and we hope you’ll love this one! Choose a body type, wings, tails, horns and everything in between. You can make some wacky combinations, here are just a few to get you started!

See what you think, and be sure to leave a comment here if you’ve played it. Also,  keep an eye out for another Mini-Monster game coming very soon!

12 thoughts on “New Game!”

  1. You know whats coming – 2 stars and a wish! 😀

    – I love all the variety and individuality you can make with your animals. It would be a great idea if you could post your creations along with your Iamable!
    – This has a real stick on the revision, as unless you get every question right, you wont get all the parts (Im still trying to!)

    – I noticed that sometimes the body parts didnt match up correctly, and also once you had finished, their was no way to save it, apart from printing it off.

    Ive only got a few more months of Secondary School to go, so Im making the most of Iamlearning! 😀



  2. Hi Rob! Glad you're enjoying this game! Hopefully everyone will like it too! We looked into the idea of having the creature save out to be an Iamable accessory. Who knows, this may be something we add soon. Also saving things from the creation games is a priority. It'd be nice to have a section somewhere so you can view your monsters, Cartune creations, zoos etc.

    Thanks for the review, helpful as always! Hopefully I am Learning can be just as helpful to you in your last few months!


  3. We NEED more racing games!!!!!

    I know theres on coming sonn but that only makes 3

    We NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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