Christmas Card Winner

Christmas songs are being played in shops, toy and food adverts are all over the TV and people everywhere (especially in our office) are starting to feel the Christmas spirit. Better than all that however, is the sheer number of people who sent in entries for our Christmas card competition. We’ve had hundreds sent in, and picking a winner was really hard. We finally made our choice though, and here it is…

What do you guys think? We really liked the concept of this card, the colours are nice, and it uses the I am Learning logo to great effect. So well done Alisha! 5000 points are on the way to you! The card will also be sent to every school that uses I am Learning!

6 thoughts on “Christmas Card Winner”

  1. Can i just say schools should encourage more people to go on iamlearning nobody at Garforth Academy is talking about it ………..
    Juat to let iamlearning no nobody hardly ever goes on it as far as i no and i think they should because it is amazing people should talk about it ….


  2. That is a really great Christmas card. I wish I could do something like that. Grainville School don't do it much but I always play on it. I think it is really fun.


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