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I am Learning 7 is Here!

We’re really excited to finally reveal the features of I am learning 7! We’ve listened to all your feedback, read every blog comment, Facebook comment and tweet, and we think you’ll love the new I am learning!

Here’s a quick look at the newest features. There’s lots of little tweaks and changes, but here are the big ones. Over the next couple of days we’ll have a ‘key features guide’ right here, so you can get in-depth knowledge of what’s new.

Achievements: We’ve gotten rid of the old trophies from the room. Don’t worry though; we’ve replaced them with something amazing… Achievements!
Each game now has at least 3 (sometimes up to 10) to collect. Whack 1000 monkeys. Get a score of 20,000 in diving. Get a perfect score on ‘It’s a Wrap’ and loads more. There are over 470 right now (and more to come) so that should keep you all very busy!

Buddy Lists: Now you can add your real-life friends into I am learning! You can see when they are online, what games they are playing and what achievements they have unlocked. Think you’ve got a great score in a game? Why not brag to your buddies and show them how good a gamer you are?

Updates to the Iamable: It’s now even easier to see what parts you have unlocked. Also, you can now see your buddies’ Iamables stood right alongside yours! We’ll be working on some great new unlock codes, so check back here often to get them!

Mobile version: The site now works on iPads, tablets, mobiles and everything else! Now you can do your homework on the go and play games anywhere! We currently have a selection of our most popular games, including Penalty Shootout, Fashionistas and Whack a Monkey. We’ll be adding more soon!

We hope you’ll love the changes we’ve made, and we really think you’ll love using I am learning even more! Take a look now, and tell us what you think! We really care about your feedback, and what you have to say!

20 thoughts on “I am Learning 7 is Here!”

  1. Hi just want to point out that when I come back from a game or cutomising my imable I find the message saying what to do and I can not get off it!


  2. Hi I like the idea about the friends but I am a bit confused with the homework part because it doesn't have a calendar any more.


  3. I love the new I am Learning! It looks better than ever! 😀

    PS: When are the 2nd Generation Pets coming out? I'm saving up for that panda 🙂


    1. really,!? i think i should abandon my plan to buy the dragon,(i think so)cuz i thonk the panda is more awesome than the fierce draggy!! 😛


  4. It would be misused by many students. Students could be bullied or picked on, and we would hate for anyone to do this through our system. There's plenty of ways to communicate with friends already!


  5. I agree that children might get bullied and it won't be fair so its better just seeing your friends at school or at the park.


  6. I see the point of having a friend system but I don't exactly get why you have a code cant you just put their names in?


  7. We have thousands and thousands of users on the website. Lots of them actually have the same name. There would be no way of knowing if the name you put in was the right person. The codes mean you actually have to know the person in real life.


  8. if we can't text each other for help what are we going to do if our teacher doesn't answer?
    if u don't want us to misuse it block the bad words like bin weevils?


  9. When is I am learning 7 gonna come out? Is there a specific date?
    ps. On tablets, phones, I pads and more I am learning doesn’t work properly, not as well as a lap top or a computer. I understand that it’s to do with the flash player, but please can you do some thing about it. I am learning is getting boring on tablets and stuff.


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